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Company Overview

Como líder del mercado en herramientas de Financial Performance Management, LucaNet software fácil de usar para la consolidación financiera, planificación, informes y gestión de datos. Desarrollado para expertos financieros, por expertos financieros. Nuestra misión es siempre encontrar las soluciones más inteligentes, facilitando mucho el trabajo de los equipos financieros, directores financieros, controllers y responsables de contabilidad, con cifras 100% fiables. Gracias a nuestras oficinas en todo el mundo, así como a nuestros partners, formamos una red dedicada a facilitar sus finanzas. Para que tenga más tiempo para concentrarse en lo que realmente importa.

Product Overview

LucaNet es su software para la consolidación financiera: ¿Alguna vez se ha preguntado cómo sería trabajar con un software que cubra todo el proceso de consolidación financiera? ¿Uno que le permita comenzar todo el proceso de preparación de estados financieros con un solo clic? Esto es exactamente lo que hace posible el software de consolidación de LucaNet. Al automatizar todo el proceso, reduce su carga de trabajo y le guía a través de cada paso de la consolidación financiera de una manera orientada a objetivos y que cumpla con auditorías. Procesos predefinidos, una interfaz intuitiva y un modelo de datos transparente simplifican cada paso. Confíe en nuestro software de eficacia probada, ¡su auditor también lo hará!

Muchas empresas ya sean pequeñas, medianas o grandes, todavía dependen de métodos tradicionales basados ​​en Excel para completar su proceso de cierre, sin ningún software de consolidación financiera. La finalización de sus estados financieros consolidados sigue siendo un proceso manual, lento y plagado de errores. Con nuestro software de consolidación financiera, los estados financieros se compilan en un momento. Conozca en detalle nuestro software de consolidación financiera y prepare su cierre financiero con solo hacer clic en un botón

LucaNet Solutions


Consolidation that basically runs on its own: With LucaNet financial consolidation software, that’s not just a promise – it’s a guarantee. Thanks to the high degree of automation our consolidation tool provides, you can start the consolidation process with a simple click of the mouse. All the resulting steps will take place on their own, no matter how deep your group’s structures go.

Data transfer

Do you dream of flawless data integration? With more than 200 ready-made interfaces to a wide variety of ERP and accounting systems, we can help you wake up to the reality you’re looking for. Our open software architecture also makes it possible for any XMLA‐compatible BI front end to access figures in LucaNet directly.


Maximum transparency, all the way down to the posting and source document level: Your LucaNet financial consolidation software will enable you to trace every number just by double-clicking it. Every posting and the adjustments made to it are seamlessly logged within the system to offer you the utmost in clarity whenever you need it.


Absolutely reliable – that’s LucaNet’s financial consolidation software in a nutshell. In fact, it’s certified in accordance with the official IDW PS 880 auditing standard of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany. This means you can use it to ensure your compliance with the principles of proper accounting throughout the consolidation process. The result is a set of auditable financial statements that auditors and investors will be happy with.

Self-Service Solution

With our consolidation and group controlling software, professional users like you no longer need to call the IT department for support. You can administrate the system and make all the necessary adjustments on your own. That’s an advantage in a time when closing cycles are becoming ever shorter and regulatory requirements are becoming more and more significant.


If only everything were as simple as our software’s intuitive interface. Even if you aren’t an IT expert, you’ll get a handle on the LucaNet environment in no time. This will make common processes such as creating and modifying master data, hierarchies, and postings easy to manage. Our financial consolidation software has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, that can be managed by all members of your financial department without involving IT.

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Pioneering technology: Use the latest powerful technology, such as LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server and multidimensional, in-memory databases

Security and flexibility : High level of security thanks to SSL encoding and range of different access levels

Usability : The specialist department perform adjustments completely independently to meet changing requirements

Simple integration: Open system architecture and seamless integration into larger system landscapes