Boost Cash Flow for your suppliers with third-party funding while preserving your own cash

Company Overview

BilliB came about as an initiative by the company everis, the leading supplier of consultancy and bank-service outsourcing in Spain since 1996. everis has been a member of the NTT Group since 2013, which makes it the 32nd biggest company in the world based on capitalisation.
Everis believes in ideas and transforms them into new businesses while taking advantage of internal talent and the strength of the group.
Nettit was fruit of this intra-entrepreneurship program, a fintech initiative from the group that, following maturation and once it had surpassed a turnover of €170 million, was incorporated into a new global project: BilliB.

Product Overview

BilliB innovates for you because it takes Supply Chain Finance to the next level. SCF as a “use of financing tools and technologies to optimise management of the working capital and liquidity invested in supply-chain processes for trading partners,” (Euro Banking Association, EBA, 2014).

A new environment where clients and suppliers integrate their purchasing processes based on new models involving direct relationships and interactions with the financier.

  • Use dynamic discounts to facilitate early-payment agreements.
  • New scenarios for working-capital finance.

It occupies the space between your ERP and the bank in the O2C (order-to-cash) cycle.

BilliB Solutions


Comprehensive, easy management of the whole financing and operating process, from invoice issue to payment. We can organise the early-payment proposal, dynamic discount, financing and final payment.


Extend SCF along the entire supply chain, to your suppliers, their suppliers and their suppliers.Our smart algorithm optimises payment pathways to increase the appetite for your discount offers.


E-money is used B2B to manage payments with unprecedented efficiency. Actual instant payments, free of charge and with activation of smart payments.

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