Corporate Payments

Automate all payment flows and regulate your transactions

Company Overview

Since 2010, Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH has been combining treasury management experience and know-how with cloud computing and virtualisation expertise. The TIS solution is the result of these efforts: comprehensive, highly scalable and extremely secure SaaS solution to process, analyse and document all treasury management processes.

Implementing the solution as a web application delivers critical advantages for our international operating customers, such as the fastest possible integration times, immediate worldwide roll outs and problem-free updates. ISO 27001 certification and SAP certificates evidence the platform’s high security and deep integration with existing ERP systems.

The TIS solution has been deployed successfully at medium-sized and large corporate customers such as Fujitsu, DACHSER, BearingPoint, and VW for years.

Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH is financed by Target Partners, Zobito and SAP. The company is growing very quickly as a result of how well the market has received it, and excellent feedback from customers.

Product Overview

Scalable and fully ERP integrated cloud platform to replace corporates’ fragmented payment solutions with one unified, transparent and audit proof cash management platform

A comprehensive global library of banking formats, extremely easy integration into ERP systems, and a strong community are what makes TIS unique.

  • The TIS solution provides a single, multi bank, audit proof SaaS 
    platform for the management of corporate payments and cash flows:
    • Integration into all globally relevant banks and payment systems
    • End-to-end data processing with full ERP integration
    • Fast roll-out with no upfront investments
  • Integration of banks and blue chip customers across 70 countries 
    creates strong network effects and “platform pull”

TIS Solutions

BAM : Bank Account Management

Central repository / process tool to manage and track worldwide bank accounts
Management of signature rights and users
Solution helps to monitor all existing accounts and to assist in the setup of new ones
Ready to implement your eBAM strategy

BTM : Bank Transaction Management

Central, web-based, multi-bank-capable, SEPA-compliant and SAP-non-SAP integrated payment platform
Makes payment processes more efficient, transparent and safe
Audit-proof tracking and tracing of payments, workflow-based approvals and automatic retrieval of bank account statements
Sanction lists, monitoring, mandate (direct debit) management

BSM: Bank Statement Management

Transparency and insight – in all bank accounts- signatory rights and bank documents
Automation – workflow and alert system for reducing manual work and non compliancy
Electronic collection of banks statements no manual upload of bank statements
Straight through processing (STP) in ERP system via plug-in or TIS agent
Dashboard of liquidity and cash status and daily reports of bank changes

BDM: Business Discovery Management

Web-based dashboard to analyze and manage your daily business
Web-based business intelligence solution to better manage your corporate payments liquidity and cash
Comprehensive analysis of bank relations and bank fees
Analyze to manage your customer and supplier relations

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Case studies
Adam Smith 2019
FT - 1000 Europe's Fastet Growing Companies 2020
tmi 2019
TIS Bank Transaction Manager has been officially approved and certified by SAP. As a certified partner of SAP SE, we guarantee that our SaaS solution is completely compatible with the SAP Business Suite. This means that TIS can integrated seamlessly via an SAP certified plug-in with.
Once TIS has been incorporated into an ERP system, the user no longer has to save the bank files locally and transmit them to the bank. Payments are now triggered in the SAP environment and transmitted directly to the TIS cloud platform. Inversely, bank statements go from the bank to TIS and are collected there by the ERP system. As a SaaS solution, the platform is connected seamlessly to your ERPs, and you can design your national and international payment transaction process efficiently and in a future-oriented manner.
ISO 27001 certification
SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type II reports
SWIFT certification