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Company Overview

Kern AG is one of the leading providers of modern corporate planning software for the fields of controlling, finance, sales, distribution and logistics. For almost 20 years, we have been bridging the gap between Microsoft Excel and SAP with our products. Our core competency is complete integration of Excel in SAP. The technologies we developed for this purpose are unrivalled and form the basis of our planning and controlling solutions, Allevo and Cycles. Our Excel add-in and reporting tool, Sparks, can also be used solely with Microsoft Excel, i.e. independent of SAP.

From global players like Adidas, Siemens and PWC to national giants such as ADAC, EnBW, Fraport and Müllermilch, and to local institutions, such as municipal utility companies, public transport service providers and clinics — our controlling and reporting tools are valued by almost 250 companies.

Product Overview

Allevo is a standard software solution for planning cost centers, internal orders, WBS elements and profit centers with Excel under SAP ERP. In many areas, Allevooffers the possibility of integrating individual customer requirements with relatively little effort.
  • Thanks to the manageable and automated data processing, you can increase the productivity of your processes and staff
  • The integration into SAP guarantees your company the highest level of data quality and also provides professional data protection
  • Due to the complete integration of Excel into SAP, you will not require any additional databases or servers and you will not need to make any changes to the clients or perform installations.
  • You will have a custom planning interface that your employees will really enjoy using

Kern Solutions

Allevo Planning
In planning processes, such as:
  • Cost center planning
  • Order planning, Profit center planning
  • Planning of WBS elements
  • Investment planning
  • CO-PA-based sales planning

In side calculation in conjunction with business processes, such as:

  • Marketing activities
  • Vehicle fleet
  • Material calculations with resource planning for production
  • HR planning (Allevo HRC)
Allevo HRC
Allevo HRC is fully integrated into SAP in terms of data, but is independent of the use of SAP HR as a personnel system. The data is stored either on the  SAP CO system or on the SAP HR system (if separate)
  • All SAP authorizations are respected, and you can also define your own authorization structures.
  • The planning front-end is a simple Excel file; it represents the planner’s view.
  • The HRC Cockpit is used as an administration platform on the SAP side.
  • Reports can be generated either via SAP or Excel.
Allevo actual
In actual postings in accounting and controlling, such as:     
  • When recording and posting G/L documents
  • In internal activity allocation
  • When recording statistical key figures
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  • Server: No proprietary server, runs on SAP
  • Client: Microsoft Excel (2010 or later) with a custom template
  • SAP: from SAP R/3 ECC 6.0 to SAP S/4HANA
  • The Allevo Engine is the foundation of Allevo. It consists of ABAP programs, transactions and functions, which we have developed in ABAP (SAP’s programming language). As such, all SAP-specific data, authorizations, processes and functions in Allevo are also part of the Allevo Engine.
  • In order to be able to use Allevo for the first time in your company, all you need is an SAP transport order with the Allevo Engine and the Excel template. This transport order will import your SAP basis into the SAP system. Allevo will usually be available as early as two hours after this has been done. The record stands at 30 minutes.
  • You need authorization for the Allevo transactions and an additional authorization for S_PROGRAM. If you have these authorizations, then Allevo will be available with all of the SAP-side features and you can start working on your project. Other preparatory work, such as building a database, setting up servers, installing applications for clients, changes to the SAP customization or even modifications to the SAP system will not be necessary, as Allevo uses the existing infrastructure of your SAP system.