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SAP Treasury Solutions

Insights. Automated Actions. Controlled Outcomes
1. Gain visibility and insights from the treasurer’s dashboard
  • On-the-fly analysis using multiple data points
  • Management by exception
  • Collaboration with stakeholders
2. Control treasury processes with automation
  • Straight-through processing
  • Automated processes
  • Building foundation for machine learning and intelligent systems
3. Maintain business integrity and compliance to mitigate risks
  • Alerts, monitors and workflow management
  • Tight process integration across the enterprise
  • Automated controls and monitoring

SAP Advanced Payment Management with Centralized Bank Connectivity

  • Consolidate cash flow data from SAP and non-SAP systems on a single Treasury Platform
  • Benefit from embedded SWIFT connectivity without using additional technology
  • Centralize bank account management including overdraft limits and analysis of bank risk
  • Run end-to-end processes for payments and statements
  • Improve control and compliance with embedded tools for workflow, monitoring and change tracking
  • Running Advanced Payment Factory by using SAP Advanced Payment Management

    Advanced Payment Management
    • Payment Centralization
    • Real-time Processing
    • Content Validation and Control
    • Central Format Handling
    • Message Routing
    • High Transactional Throughput
    • Automation & Integration
    • Exceptions Management
    • In-house Banking
    • Monitoring, Reporting and Analytics

    SAP In-house Cash Management

    Virtualized bank for improved cash visibility and risk management operations
    Internal Payments and Netting
    • Use internal current accounts to manage Intercompany transactions
    • Perform internal netting and monitor subsidiary positions
    Centralized External Payments
    • Route subsidiary payments through In-house Cash Center
    • Manage cross border payments efficiently
    Centralized Cash Receipts
    • Manage liquidity in In-House Cash Center through subsidiary cash receipts
    • Independently apply cash in the subsidiaries to manage receivables

    SAP Cash Application with Machine Learning

    Machine Learning based Cash Application with integrated Cash Management
    can reduce the cash conversion cycle and improve overall working capital utilization.

    SAP Treasury management

    Bank Fees Analysis
    Bank Fees Analysis
    • Trigger a new planning cycle for developing a monthly rolling liquidity plan
    • Get reference data as planning reference. The reference sources can be:
      Liquidity Forecast
      Last Year Actual
    • Copy planning data from reference
    • Enter or adjust the planning data in planning currencies for the liquidity item, based on the reference and submit the data
    • Closing balance is calculated and carried forward to next mont1h2

    SAP Treasury management

    Bank Fees Analysis