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The Smart Analytics Journey

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One. Simply. Cloud
Any question, anyone, any time.
SAP Analytics Cloud is a single experience for decision making that allows users to discover, visualize, plan and predict, all in one place. Giving everyone, whether in front of the customer or in the boardroom, the power to find new insights and take action.
Smart Analytics
Uncover New Trends
Smart Planning
Plan for Success
Smart Command Center
Execute and Assess
Get Up and Running, Fast
From Data to Insights in an Instant
  • Rapidly connect to SAP and non-SAP data sources
  • Easily identify and address data quality issues
  • Utilize prebuilt content templates across multiple industries and lines of business.
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Never Start From Scratch Again
A Faster Way to Find Answers
  • Type questions and instantly generate meaningful visualizations
  • Recognize important trends with the click of a button
  • Enhance visualizations with in-context explanations
Understand What Drives Your Business
More Accurate, in Less Time
  • Identify interesting patterns in your data
  • Detect how different factors influence business performance
  • Discover anomalies and take corrective action
  • Simulate the impact of strategic changes on business outcomes
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Find Problems Before they Happen
Your Early Warning System
  • Forecast future performance with a single click
  • Automatically update projections as new data becomes available
  • Detect where you are at risk to miss your targets
And Know How to Stop Them
Answer the Toughest Questions
  • Create predictions to determine the next best course of action
  • Generate hyper-personalized insights into your customers, vendors, and suppliers
  • Enable business analysts to build trusted and actionable predictions with ease
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To Plan & Analyze
  • Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets and version control issues
  • No more manual consolidation
  • Plan rapidly and continuously, not annually
  • Adjust on-the-fly
  • Understand where you are against your plan at all times
  • Plan based on data, not on gut feel
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To Collaborate
  • Break down silos
  • Enhanced workflows with commenting across the platform
  • Easily share stories for self-service analytics access
  • Ensure everyone is on the same page with trusted data models
  • Notifications to keep you up to date
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To Access Content
SAP Analytics Hub
  • Uncover the analytics you need with user ratings, freeform search, and authorization instructions
  • Tailor the experience to best fit your unique business needs
  • Trust your analytics with expert validated and certified content management
  • Connect users to meaningful content no matter what tool was used to create it
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To Steer Your Business
SAP Digital Boardroom
Alignment from Top to Bottom

Digitize the boardroom function by providing oversight and alignment on all corporate objectives at every level
Data Driven Insights

Critical relationships in your data are uncovered through automated machine learning techniques
What-if Simulations

Identify the impact of potential actions and simulate the results instantly
Take Action

Update plans based on simulated options and cascade those changes to every level of the organization
Finance Runs Simple with SAP Analytics Cloud!
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