Turn your Finance into Digital!
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Finance is at the Center of Enterprise Transformation

Customer Experience
  • Build customer trust and loyalty
  • Provide delightful buying experience
  • Innovate billing and revenue management models
  • Provide seamless billing and payment experience 
  • Ensure financially viability of business model transformation
  • Cybersecurity, data privacy
Supply Chain
  • Connect buyers, suppliers and third parties
  • Modernize production with IoT
  • Optimize selection, fulfillment and payments

Key benefits for finance moving to S/4HANA

Continuous Close: Closing tasks taken off the critical path, delivering high-quality multidimensional insight, earlier and with less effort

Margin Analysis: Continuous, high granular analytics of margin, reconciled by design

Inventory Accounting: Simplifying material valuation, product cost analysis and actual costing

Universal Allocations: Increased transparency in cost allocation modeling and execution through a single, harmonized allocation engine

Predictive Accounting: Future-fact-based decision making based on operational information

Integrated Intercompany: Reconcile intercompany transactions at source before consolidation eliminations

Embedded Secure Data Access: Business role concept enabling effective management & control

Managing Receivables: Unified view, real-time analytics, and streamlined design

Cash Management: Better data architecture and UI for reporting & monitoring Cash

Advanced Compliance Reporting: Centralised Legal and Tax Reporting increases compliance

Financial planning and analysis
  • Faster M&A integration
  • Rapid design of new business models
  • Closed-loop, real-time planning at any level
  • End-to-end, drilled-down customer and product profitability analysis
  • Predictive forecasts and dynamic simulation with real-time “what if” analysis
  • Visual analysis of financial statements**

50–100% reduction in financial forecasting error rate*

Accounting and finance close
  • Foundation for “soft close”
  • Instant profit-and-loss insights and real-time cost control
  • One universal journal for a single source of the truth
  • Embedded real-time consolidation
  • Multidimensional reporting on the fly
  • Integrated regulatory/ statutory and managerial reporting
  • Reduced reconciliations

40–50% reduction in days to close annual books*

Treasury and risk management
  • Real-time integrated liquidity planning
  • Improved liquidity forecasting accuracy
  • Instant visibility into working capital
  • Predictive and automated forecasting process
  • Simplified and automated bank processes
  • Higher transparency on financial exposure risk
  • Single source of the truth for all financial risks

25–35% reduction in unnecessary capital requirements*

Finance operating
  • Simplify, harmonize, and improve collaboration in operations
  • Buyer-supplier integration with business networks**
  • Improved budget and spend tracking**
  • Employee perfect trip experience**
  • Improved real estate management**

10–25% reduction in accounts receivable management costs*