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About Digital Finance Hub

Founded in Madrid in 2018,  became a leading global voice in enterprise finance and treasury information due to founders large experience for more than 20 years on best financial practices, as well as a huge experience with a range of key finance solutions regarding OTC, RTR, SCF, FX, Financial closing, Consolidation, Treasury ; all of them integrated with best in class ERPs. Our mission at DF Hub is to help our large financial networking navigate the road through finance digital transformation.

In addition to content channels, our products and services include live events,print and digital advertising, on-demand video content, webcasts, whitepapers, lead generation services, customer events and custom research.

Exclusive Financial Audience
The largest, most established  community of senior finance executives in Spain and LATAM.
360º Marketing approach
The full power of DF Hub is realized by complementing online media and advertising with editorial content. Through a DF Hub campaign, sponsors are able to continually reach the finance audience throughout their buyer journey, offering a seamlessly connected holistic marketing program.
Select a topic that aligns with your brand, and partner with Digital Finance team to exchange a custom eBook. The content will then be promoted  to a targeted segment of DF Hub audience to generate leads.
White Paper
Partner with Digital Finance team to exchange a White-Paper based on a specific financial topic and then we will share an promote it to all the selected financial community
Customer Case Studies
Share with all your customer target your success at projects with your clients
News, Articles, Trends
Be the finance solution influencer and share news , articles and best practices with your desired audience.