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Dachser Intelligent Logistics – The Success Story

Automated payment processes at DACHSER Intelligent Logistics

DACHSER has been using the SAP FI and CO modules worldwide. Their bank payments system does not interface well with the ERP system, and this is further impacted with the introduction of SEPA. DACHSER sought a solution that would provide rapid SEPA compliance and alleviate the challenges in communicating with global financial institutions, that are using several bank formats.

Logistics company DACHSER implemented the SAP FI and CO modules worldwide over the past few years, starting with Germany in 2009. For the bank payment process, when the financial accounts system in Germany triggers a payment run, a file is created, which the internal EDI department converts into the payment output format Edifact Paymul. It is then forwarded to the bank, together with an accompanying fax document.

In Germany there are only two banks to consider. However, DACHSER is active in many countries around the world and deals with several hundred banks, each with their own systems and formats. With the introduction of SEPA, its payment process became antiquated. Both DACHSER and the banks wanted to get rid of it. In countries like Sweden and Norway, domestic payments are only semiauto mated and manual interventions present risks. For example, the employee might mistype the bank details and could, theoretically, also book fraudulent payments.

Additionally, DACHSER faced the following challenges:

  • To reduce resource overhead of communication between foreign subsidiaries and banks
  • To eliminate serious compliance and security concerns

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